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Buzzing Worcester Housing Market Contributes to State-Wide Year Over Year Growth In Massachusetts

The state-wide housing market in Massachusetts has risen in most categories despite a quarantine-induced stall in home sales. The Worcester Telegram reports, “the median sales price for both single-family homes and condominiums continued to set new records” in Massachusetts. The median single-family sale price increased 8.2% from $425,000 in 2019 to $460,000 in 2020, marking an all-time high for July. While Massachusetts is having a hot month in the real estate industry, one shouldn’t assume that this spike is an outlier. The relative lull in the Spring caused by the COVID-19 pandemic only slowed MA’s neckbreak start to a respectful 7 month pace. The year-to-date comparative median sale price has risen to $425,000, which reflected a 6.3% increase over the same period in 2019.

The consistently outstanding performance of the Worcester’s real estate market is responsible for a great deal of Massachusetts’ overall success. The year-to-date and year-to-year home sales rate remained solid despite the unusual social climate, showing the impact of a blazing start and strong rebound for the Worcester housing market. The Worcester median sale price rose 3.1% from July 2019 to a respectable yet affordable level in this rapidly growing market. This is following a 20% surge in median home price from $265k in January 2020 to $318k last month, showing a powerful trend.

Worcester County as a whole shows similar signs of life and growth, further driving up the averages of Massachusetts with healthy sales. The July median sale price jumped 10.9% from $310,000 in 2019 to $343,250 in 2020. This follows the trend of a strong year in Worcester County, with a strong 11.5% average year-over-year home sale price previously reported in our March recap. With Central Massachusetts holding a strong pace into the last quarter of 2020 and surrounding regions following suit, the Massachusetts housing market is set to have a miraculously strong year in the face of adversity. It just goes to show that a global pandemic can’t negate great value on real estate or deter home hunting with such a booming stock market.

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