Home & Condo Prices Show Large Growth March 2020

Worcester Coronavirus

The Worcester Telegram released news last week that there was significant growth in both the single family home and condo sales prices in Worcester County last month. According to the report, “home prices in Worcester County last month climbed 11.5% and condominium prices soared 22.6% over March 2019”. This resulted in a jump from $268,950 to $300,000 in single family homes and $208,000 to $255,000 in condos. These increases in prices expanded beyond Worcester County, with other areas in the state also seeing record levels of growth. For more information on this, read the full breakdown here.

April results will be the true litmus test for the full impact of Covid-19 on the Worcester real estate market, but the statistics clearly show that this season had the makings of another growth poised market. Massachusetts public policy may dictate how fast the market opens up again in May, but if buyers/sellers retain even a fraction of the enthusiasm they had going in, we may still see a strong market.

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