Worcester Property Values Continue to Rise

Worcester Property Values Rising

The Worcester Telegram is reporting that “the total value of taxable property in the city jumped 8.26% this year, rising to a new high-water mark of $14.646 billion.” In fact, both three-family homes and apartment buildings saw significant growth at 11.82% and 14.91%, respectively. This is not surprising since, according to the article, this is the seventh straight year that Worcester’s total valuation has increased.

The article goes on to discuss how the average assessed value for condos has risen by 3.88% to $151,122. Commercial properties have also risen by 3.69% to an average assessed value of $1.507 million. All roads lead to more taxable income for the city of Worcester, and to continued prosperity for the city that has and continues to be on the rise.

For more information on the Worcester Real Estate Market, read the full article here.

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