Worcester Economy Experiences Record Growth

Worcester MA

Worcester, Massachusetts is experiencing rapid growth, and according to The Telegram & Gazette  this can be attributed to “low unemployment and steady job numbers”. In fact, Worcester’s 2018 index growth was the “highest since the 1990s.” The in-depth study included economic activity in Worcester and the surrounding 48 cities & towns. This information comes as no surprise and coincides with the recent increase in tech, biomedical, and manufacturing business in the area.

This rapid growth will undoubtedly lead to a rapid expansion in the real estate sector both in the rental and private home markets. This growth is also leading to a rise in tenants looking to fill available units. It’s important to pay close attention to the rental market in the area to make sure you are maximizing return on investment given the current climate.  Growth is expected to continue to trend upward in Worcester and the surrounding communities, driving the construction of condos, apartments, and multi-families alike.

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Eckelbecker, Lisa. “Report: Worcester-area economy shows highest growth since 1990s” Telegram.com. Accessed 29 May 2019.