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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Professional Seasonal Property Maintenance

The Spring and Fall seasons in New England bring a dreadful mess with them. Whether it’s leaves, road salt, or displaced dirt, our team of landscapers will meticulously comb through your lawn and surrounding areas. We ensure that the entire area is left looking spotless – as if the seasons never even happened. Following a Spring or Fall cleanup, we highly recommend having your lawn prepped for Winter or Summer with a dethatching to remove compact debris.

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Lawn Mowing

Expert Lawn Trimming For Your Property

If your lawn is looking disheveled and in need of a trim, don’t settle for exorbitant fees for sub-par results. The professionals at DPM will expertly cut your lawn with quick and careful precision. Each property is approached with the same attention to detail and is treated as if it was our own.

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Mulching & Edging

Eye Catching Mulch Accenting & Accurate Edging

Having a properly and neatly mulched area is a great way to make your property more aesthetically pleasing, control the spread of weeds, and more easily maintain plant life. We offer a variety of different types of mulch that can be used to accent the colors of your property. The landscaping team at DPM will work with you to determine the best type of mulch for your property and needs; then expertly spread the mulch and edge the surrounds of the given areas.

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Dethatching & Aeration

Revitalize A Thinning Lawn & Maintain Its Vibrance

Over time your lawn accumulates natural debris. This debris can contribute to thinning the grass and causing bare spots and patches. Dethatching will help combat thinning by removing the layers of debris and opening the root system. After dethatching it is recommended to aerate your lawn, which deepens the root system of your lawn making it more resistant to the elements. Our landscaping team can dethatch your lawn quickly and thoroughly, as well as determine the necessity of aeration prior to completing the service.

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Grass Seeding

Lush Green Lawns To Maximize Curb Appeal

A patchy lawn will detract from curb appeal, foot traffic, and value of your property. If your lawn suffers from brown patches, yellow patches, or thinning areas then it may be time to consider having the area seeded. Let the expert team at DPM manage this process for you. Our highly trained staff will thoroughly apply seed to any bare, thinning, or discolored areas, and return them to a vibrant and lush state.

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Bed & Shrub Planting

Creative Planting To Increase Aesthetics

A well-planted flower bed or shrub surround can elevate your property, greatly increasing the aesthetic appeal and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Our team will work with you to design the perfect layout for your property and implement it with care and attention to detail. We will ensure that each flower is placed with purpose, and every shrub pruned and shaped to uniformed perfection

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Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Maintaining Privacy & Property Accents

Shrubs and hedges can be a wonderful way to accent your property or even provide added privacy. However, it can be quite time consuming to maintain them correctly. Our professional landscaping team can make fast work out of trimming and shaping your shrubs and hedges properly. Taking care to ensure that each row maintains consistent measurements to maximize the curb appeal of your property.

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